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Advertise with FCA-PR
Ferrari Pacific Newsletter Advertisements: Ads in black & white or color are available in limited locations within the newsletter
please inquire about your placement needs. All materials must be provided in a digital format.  The Newsletter is published monthly.
All artwork should be "Camera Ready"  Editor is not responsible for errors within digital media provided by the advertiser.
Placement rates are based on "camera-ready" artwork. Additional charges may apply if artwork needs to be generated or altered by the Editor for advertiser. Page placement within the newsletter is at the discretion of the Editor.
The check in full for the ad duration made payable to Ferrari Club of America - Pacific Region must accompany all ad submissions. A copy of the electronic graphic and the form must be provided to the Newsletter Editor at the email address above with payment.
Advertising costs are listed on the FCA-PR Advertisement Agreement Form.  Click on link below for a printable copy of the form.
Advertisements may be subject to FCA-PR Board approval.
Completed FCA-PR Advertisement Agreement Form must be submitted with payment.
By submitting your payment you understand and agree to the terms.
Reservation of ad space must be accompanied by payment in full.
For Information contact the FCA-PR Newsletter Editor

Steve Souza
317 Larkin Street, Suite A.
Monterey.  CA. 93940